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Whenever your tire bursts in the middle of a long drive, a reliable roadside assistance provider should always be considered. Instead of trying to walk miles away from the emergency location to find the nearest auto shop, you just have to dial their number and wait for the team of experts to quickly arrive. Unfortunately, tires can be damaged for several reasons and can happen at the most unexpected time and place. Therefore, you should always check them regularly, especially if you are going for a long drive.

What are the common reasons for flat tires?

Most drivers have already experienced a flat tire at some point in their lives. So, if you’ve been in this unfortunate situation before, you know that staying calm and calling the right emergency assistance provider should be a priority. Tire blowouts during a late-night drive or bad weather are much more frustrating and create a situation that can put the driver’s safety at serious risk. There is no sure way to prevent a flat tire, but there are ways to ensure proper maintenance to avoid such an occurrence.

Check out some of these common reasons for unexpected flat tires:

Sharp objects on the road

One of the most common reasons for getting a flat tire is due to a puncture from a sharp object on the road. It can be a nail, shattered pieces of glass, a screw, or other sharp objects that can cause serious harm to your tires. If you accidentally bumped into any of these objects, then reaching out to your trusted tire change provider in Newark is your best option. We aim to provide you with fast and efficient tire change services at any time of day. 

Uneven road conditions

Whether you like it or not, bumping into potholes, uneven roads, or unexpected debris can lead to a sudden tire blowout. This is why driving attentively can serve as your ultimate preventative measure to avoid terrible road conditions from damaging your tires. If you are forced to drive on the road that is in rugged condition, make sure to slow down your speed and leave extra space between your car and other vehicles. If your tires happen to burst while driving on a bumpy road, you can always seek help from your trusted Junk Cars Newark. There’s no need for you to remain in an unfortunate road situation for long as our team of professional mechanics will arrive at your location as quickly as possible.

Valve stem leakage

If you experience a flat tire with no signs of a puncture, you should check the valve stem to make sure that there is no leakage. A damaged valve stem can definitely cause a sudden flat tire. So, if you’re going to visit your trusted auto shop, you can ask their experts to examine the condition of your car’s valve stem.

Improper inflation

For a safer driving experience, your car must always have the right amount of tire pressure. If your tires are not properly inflated, this can cause internal tire damage, which can potentially cause a severe injury while you’re on the road. Ideally, tire pressure should be regularly checked at least once a month. If you forgot about either of these important things and experience an unexpected tire blowout in the middle of nowhere, know that Junk Cars Newark is always here to help with professional and affordable 24/7 emergency road response. 

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