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Besides being a junk car buyer, we’re also a tow company in Newark, NJ. Call us if you need a local towing service!

A Reliable Junk Car and Tow Truck Service in Newark, New Jersey
The popular company that buys junk cars in Newark, New Jersey, is now offering towing services as well! For an immediate, high quality roadside assistance and towing service we’re not just serving Newark, New Jersey but also in its neighboring towns, Junk Cars Newark is who you should call.
Accidentally ran out of gas? Or you got locked out of your car with keys stuck inside?  Or is your car battery running low or malfunctioning out of nowhere?  Maybe you got into an accident and your car instantly becomes immovable and you will need a tow to keep it away from further dangers of the road.  Worry no more! Our skilled and experienced car recovery technicians and towing operations will immediately come to your rescue so you’ll no longer need to deal with the road’s dangers.  We’ve been famous for our reliable “cash for junk cars” program and now you can count on us for premium towing and road assistance services in Newark, New Jersey.
Premium Tow Truck Service
Our tow truck Newark services have been founded in light of our mission that is to keep every vehicle owner and passenger safe and away from the dangers of the road.  Even if we are a locally owned business, we render only premium quality towing and road assistance services. Our team provides only superior quality service and accurate solutions for every road assistance and towing Newark needs.  You can count on us 24/7.  No matter what time it is, we’ll be of service to you.
Here at Junk Cars Newark, we recognize the fact that car troubles may take place even when you least expect them.  And we acknowledge the fact that no amount of preventive maintenance can totally eradicate the possibility of road emergencies.  Hence, we make sure our dispatchers and technicians are trained rigorously to alleviate your situation, stress free.  With only a short interview, accurate solutions to your situation will immediately be laid out.   When we say we’ll be there with 30 minutes, we mean it.  With Junk Cars Newark, you’ll feel accompanied and safe on the road no matter the circumstances of your vehicle.
24/7 Up and Operating
Whether you are in Newark, NJ or in either of its neighboring towns, you can always be certain that you have a good Newark towing company to count on.  When your car suddenly breaks down, you can trust on Junk Cars Newark to respond to your location day or night, no matter what the weather is!
Car breakdowns are not hard to manage if you have locally trusted company to call for help.  But more often than not, when the need for roadside assistance happens at night, or during the oddest hours, the likelihood of getting quality help is minimized.  The good news is you have Junk Cars Newark to rely on for all small to medium sized vehicle recovery and towing needs.
Do not hesitate to dial our hotline if you need any of the following services:

  • Car Recovery and Roadside Assistance Services such as: Gas Delivery, Battery Jumpstart Service, Vehicle Lockout Service, Tire Repair/Replacement, Off Road Recovery

  • Towing Services such as: Vehicle Towing and Relocation Services, Light to Medium Duty Towing, Emergency Accident Removal Services, and Commercial Towing Services


  • and Auto Wrecker Services, as well as, Junk Car Purchasing in Newark

We boast of our state of the art tools and towing equipment that are utilized at an optimum under the hands of highly qualified skilled technicians and operators who are seasoned through experience. Hence, whatever type of vehicle you have, whether it is a motorcycle, a sedan, a wagon, an SUV, a pickup truck, vans, and even party buses, your vehicle is safe in the hands of the experts.
One of our Core Values is Reliability
Here in Junk Cars Newark, we are 100% reliable. Thus, calling us automatically entitles you of that advantage. Wherever you may be, our skilled technicians will surely respond to your call for help and get to your location in no time for the towing or road assistance services you urgently need. Even if you are in Newark or other towns outside Newark, our trustworthy team will address your recovery recovery needs as soon as possible. We take great value of your satisfaction.
Reliable Response Time
Our 24/7 towing team will provide a realistic and accurate estimated time of arrival depending on your location and other factors. Because we are very well aware of the dangers you could be dealing with on the road, we always aim to get to your location at the fastest time possible. Our emergency response team is equipped with the latest GPS technology and goes through rigorous lectures and training that thoroughly discuss geographical familiarity besides proper towing and car recovery standards to ensure an optimal route that can outsmart possible traffic is taken. 30 minutes is our average response time.
< span>Wide Variety of Towing Services
Here at Newark Junk Cars, we are equipped with top of the line tow trucks that can cater to all kinds of towing needs involving all sorts of vehicles. We offer car recovery and towing services not just for typical types of vehicles like wagon, SUV, sedan, and pick-up trucks, but also scooters, ATVs, and motorcycles. Should your luxury car need a tow, we can actually also accommodate that need with a well secured flatbed towing service.
We very well know that your vehicle is one of your most expensive pieces of property. Hence, we make sure that it gets the special care that it deserves. We tow and carry out all kinds of roadside assistance services in accordance to proper towing and handling standards. A cautious approach is what we always take to ensure your car’s protection especially against dings,  scratches, dents or potholes.
Our many services include battery jumpstart, gas delivery, lock recovery services, tire changes, vehicle removal, junk car removal and purchase, towing (flatbed, light duty, long distance, local and commercial)..
Again, not only do we pay cash for junk cars Newark, but we also offer premium quality towing and road assistance services in Newark and its neighboring areas. Here in Newark Junk Cars, utmost care for your vehicle is a guarantee.