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You probably have come across the term “wrecker service” and it got you wondering what a wrecker service actually is?

A wrecker is referred to as a type of hauling machine operated by professionals and can usually adapt to the many types of broken down vehicle situations. That said, wrecker service is actually a term people generally use for businesses offering vehicle wrecker or towing services whereby the vehicles involved are already unable to move or are damaged. The wreckers job is to relocate the vehicle as it may be blocking the roadway or taking up space in private property. More often than not, the reasons for the vehicle immobilization include gas outage, flat tire, or wreckage out of a high impact road accident. Other wrecker services also cover towing and wrecking of junk vehicles.

Wrecker Trucks

There are actually a number of different styles of wrecker/recovery trucks available in the market today and a good wrecker company that does towing Newark, NJ usually has most of the commonly used ones to cater to its customers. A common wrecker vehicle is a hook and chain truck.  These types of tow trucks lift the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground, while the back wheels still make contact with the roadways.  Hook and chain trucks are great for wrecker purposes because the condition of the vehicle’s body is not really of concern, whereas a flatbed tow truck is used to protect the integrity of the vehicle as it is gently pulled up off the ground and secured onto a bed.  

Not All Towing Services are Wrecker Services

Towing a truck mostly correlates to a particular type of service. Wrecker trucks, are typically used for involving vehicles which stationary and unable to move out of the road because of severe road accidents or old age. If a vehicle is off the road, or stuck in a ditch, then that is when you’d use a winch-style vehicle, such as a flatbed, to pull the vehicle.

Does my car need a wrecker service?

Not all tow truck Newark services are wrecker services. On the other hand, wrecker trucks can actually tow even the undamaged vehicles. So, whether you need a wrecker service or a simple tow, a wrecker company like Junk Cars Newark can actually help you.